OpenForum #2: Does Estonia support Free Markets?

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In this Open Forum session, we welcomed Justin Witt, an undergraduate political science student from the University of Notre Dame (USA) who is writing his research thesis on the attitudes of Estonians towards free market economy reforms. The research aims at testing hypotheses concerning the relationship between free market attitudes and economic growth after reforms, nostalgia from previous centrally planned economic systems, and Western political culture.

This meeting was an exciting exploration of Estonian political and economic culture, driven by Justin’s theoretical studies and practical application to a workshop-style session whereby all attendees are kindly invited to participate with their experiences, views and opinions. We want to help Justin to write his research thesis while we improve our understanding of Estonian culture. All EBS students will benefit from observing and connecting with a fellow American student working on his graduation paper. Further, we wish to develop our friendship and academic connections with such prestigious academic institutions in the USA.