OpenForum #3: Is Objectivism Compatible With Startup Culture?

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An engaging and thought-provoking open forum discussion took place at CFET. Miao ZhiCheng, co-founder of Superfluid Finance and an advocate for objectivist principles in business leadership, delved into the compatibility of principled leadership and startup culture’s “fake it until you make it” approach.

Drawing inspiration from John A. Allison’s objectivist ethics, Miao shared insights into the steps taken to imbue these principles within the culture of an early-stage startup. He explored the challenges faced, solutions discovered, and the impact of these learnings on company culture and leadership.

It was a unique opportunity to gain valuable perspectives on melding philosophical ethics with practical business strategies in the modern entrepreneurial landscape. The attendee’s participation and input enriched the discussion, offering a diverse range of viewpoints and experiences.


Juan Sáenz-Diez opened the event with an brief introduction to Objectivism.


Miao ZhiCheng presented the interactive lecture.


It was a well-attended forum, with discussions and snacks after the lecture.